Together, our community cared for Jean Peacock

Jean Peacock was born in Guelph in the late 50s and, after many years away, returned in 1998 to care for her mother. Jean’s travels took her to many places including ten years teaching English to members of the South Korean military. She now holds a position with Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington, helping to connect newcomers with translators. When she’s not working (from home these days), she volunteers at a local cat shelter. 

Jean had always been very healthy and so was surprised when one Sunday, last November, she began feeling a sharp, burning abdominal pain. When the pain and accompanying nausea didn’t subside after two hours, a neighbour drove Jean to the Linamar Emergency Department at Guelph General Hospital, where she collapsed and was helped to a wheelchair. She was immediately put on an IV drip and given a chest x-ray. The X-ray showed nothing, so an ultrasound was ordered. It disclosed a serious abdominal block. 

Emergency surgery was performed and revealed that a fallopian tube was wrapped around the intestines. When the operation was over, Jean had twelve staples in her abdomen and had lost 250 cm of intestine. She spent the next five days in Hospital, followed by a long recovery at home.

Jean says that “Right from the get-go, everyone was so helpful. From the security guard in the ED to the surgical team to the recovery staff, it was awesome care all the way.”  She wants everyone to know how great the support was. “Procedures, medications, and milestones were well explained, staff were always making sure that I was comfortable, and everyone had a sense of humour, which had a calming effect.” She has special high praise for Dr. Mylene Ward, her surgeon.

Jean wants people to understand the importance of community fundraising for the Hospital. Returning to Guelph after seeing so much of the world makes her very aware of the City’s growth, the need for expanding the existing facility, and the value of a local Hospital. “We need to support the Hospital. The x-rays, IV pumps to deliver medications, ultrasound, surgery equipment, and beds are all so critical to patient care. And those things are all community funded.”

“I travelled all over and chose to come back to this City. I like it here; it’s home. And I’m grateful that home has an excellent hospital in Guelph.”