A strong community makes a hospital greater, and a great hospital makes a community stronger.

At some point in our lives, each of us relies on the expertise and care we receive at Guelph General Hospital. Whether in moments of joy, worry or pain, our community hospital is always there when we need it.

We’re fortunate because Guelph General is one of Ontario’s best hospitals, with exceptional marks in safety, quality and efficiency. All this is done without compromising patient care, and as a well-run hospital that is supported by our community, we are in the best position to address urgent situations such as the 2020 global pandemic.

Our hospital has critical needs we must address together to continue the best quality of care for our community. Guelph is growing quickly, and our hospital must keep pace with the demands this growth will place on it. At the same time, patients and their families need to know we are using the very best equipment available – and did you know that 100% of the equipment Guelph General Hospital uses for patient care is not funded by tax dollars, and therefore must come from a community donor?

The Together, We Care campaign was The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s most urgent community fundraising project ever. It relied on all of us to reach its final goal.

The campaign was made up of three essential projects:

  1. Expand our strained Emergency Department and create new space to support better mental health and addictions care.
  2. Replace aging equipment and purchase innovative technologies.
  3. Reimagine and expand our Special Care Nursery to meet the needs of modern families.

Learn more about these projects here.

Your help is always needed. The continued support of our community is important to keep on top of ongoing patient equipment needs. You too can join our community of generous donors who care deeply about ensuring every patient at Guelph General receives the best possible care and experience. We are gratefully accepting online donations or donations by mail. Members of our community can also get involved in fundraising events as an event participant or as a volunteer, or by hosting their own fundraising event. Consider getting involved with The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital, you will help save lives and improve health, together with our community.

View our campaign brochure.