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Our record-setting $34 million Together, We Care campaign is The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital’s most urgent community fundraising project ever. Together, with your caring support we will fund three essential projects: expand our strained Emergency Department and create new space to support better mental health and addictions care, invest in new patient care equipment and technology, and upgrade our Special Care Nursery. Learn how your support matters.


The legacy of giving back to the community continues today with the 4th and 5th generation of Sutherlands. When the Sutherland Family heard about the urgent needs of the hospital through the Together, We Care campaign, they knew they wanted to help, having seen the impact Guelph General makes to families in our community every day.


“CIBC is proud to support the incredible work Guelph General Hospital does to ensure community members receive the highest quality of care during their cancer diagnosis and treatment,” said Snezana Popov, Director & Team Leader, Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Group, Commercial Banking, CIBC. “Our support this year helped make the hospital’s ambition of purchasing 33 new scopes for its endoscopy unit – which will benefit 7,000 patients per year – a reality.”


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Susan Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 in the first week of April. The diagnosis was more concerning than usual because Susan lives alone and has emphysema, a condition that compromises her lungs. After several days trying to manage the symptoms at home, Susan realized that she needed help and called an ambulance to take her […]


When Malachi Brnjas was born with an infection and jaundice, he was admitted to Guelph General’s Special Care Nursery (SCN) for five days of intravenous antibiotics. The SCN is part of the Hospital’s birthing unit where newborn babies may have to spend a little extra time, especially if born prematurely or with complications. Malachi’s mom, Angela, stayed nearby in the Family Care Unit, a four-bed space for moms whose infants are receiving care in the SCN.