Special Care Nursery Renovation Progress

One of the three pillars of the Together, We Care campaign is to expand the hospital’s Special Care Nursery to support the tiniest of patients and their families.

Thanks to generous donors, this project is underway!

On this page, you will find progress updates on the renovations and learn how your support is making all the difference to families who experience care in the Special Care Nursery.

Read these short progress stories…

Special Care Nursery is nearing completion

The Special Care Nuresey renovations started last spring and now they are almost complete. Soon this reimagined space will be in use. A ribbon cutting is planned for September. Stay tuned!


Small Wins for GGH and our Community

While it still looks like a construction site, a lot of progress has been made in the Special Care Nursery renovations: A lot of work has been done and will continue on the mechanical and electrical rough-ins. Three headwalls (a hospital system that combines electrical and medical gas functions while effectively managing the cords and […]


It’s Moving Along!

Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are well underway. The body of the OR hoard system has been installed.¬† Sections of HVAC ducting and heating¬†lines have had pressure tests completed with documentation to be distributed. The sprinkler contractor has their materials on-site and is starting installation next week. In the photo on the right, patient rooms with […]


Old Special Care Nursery Now a Blank Canvas

With the demolition complete and the area cleaned out, our Special Care Nursery could be safely toured. Facilities Director, Dwayne Shelswell provided the hard hats and acted as guide to Kim Towes, Senior Director Patient Services and Karen Suk-Patrick, VP People and Support Services. The empty space brought home the extent of the transformation. This […]


Donors Make Impact

Special Care Nursery donors were invited to tour the space on April 28 and 29, just prior to demolition work beginning. In fact, several had a hand in giving it a start with a ceremonial sledge hammer. For the 9 donors who attended over the two days, they have a clear comparison point for when […]


Relocating The Operating Room

The operating room for Caesarean Sections and recovery is going to be completely redone with the renovations. As planned, GGH teams relocated the operating room from the Family Birthing Unit down to the third floor on the main OR level for the duration of the renovation.


Moving Day for the Special Care Nursery

On April 25th, GGH teams worked together to move everything from the old Special Care Nursery to the temporary Special Care Nursery located in the Pediatrics Day Surgery area. This meant it was moving day for our smallest patient, baby Brian. Brian was unaffected by the excitement filling the air as he seemed to sleep […]


First Step: Setting Up a Temporary Special Care Nursery

Work is steadily underway to transfer our Special Care Nursery to a temporary location while we completely transform and expand its original space. The completed nursery will be amazing! Still, a bit of disruption has to happen ahead of that, though we know it will all be worth it. Before construction can begin, the Hospital […]