Best in Class

Guelph General Hospital is there for you when we’re most needed

The events of 2020 have reminded us that our community hospital plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Thanks to the preparedness, leadership and a remarkable commitment from every employee at Guelph General Hospital, and the generosity and cooperation of our community, we responded with compassion, safety and efficiency to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our hospital needs to stay ahead of the curve – be it to respond to a crisis event, or to address the rapidly-increasing everyday healthcare needs of our community. With the growth and aging of our community, the strain on our hospital has grown significantly in the last decade — well beyond our current capacity. Guelph is also one of Ontario’s fastest-growing cities, and this stresses our hospital’s capacity and ability to keep our community safe, healthy and thriving.

Thanks to the continuing generosity of community donors, we’re already fortunate that we have one of the province’s best hospitals right here in Guelph. According to important national data, Guelph General Hospital is one of the safest hospitals in Canada and is recognized as one of the best-run hospitals in Ontario. In our most recent evaluation by Accreditation Canada, we received Exemplary Status, averaging 98.4% across more than 2,000 standards. This reflects excellence in our patients’ care, experience and safety, along with our commitment to continue to explore and implement efficiencies.

With these successes, we are able to attract leading medical specialists who help us provide a high level of health expertise and quality of care to our community. In today’s complicated health care system we know we can’t do it all alone. So, we also continue to explore and build innovative community partnerships that support care options outside of the hospital. Patients benefit from a more integrated system and it supports the hospital’s efficiency by ensuring those coming to the hospital are in need of care only we can provide.

We are committed to the hospital’s mission “to provide the highest quality care and experience to patients and their families” for everyone who comes through our doors.

Since not all essential costs are covered by government funding, local community support is critical to the ongoing work of a hospital. All equipment used in the direct care of patients is funded by community donors. To deliver on this important promise, we need your help. Learn more about the Together, We Care campaign and please consider how you can support your hospital.

We all have a role to play in delivering world-class hospital care, right here in our community.