Together, our community cared for Susan Jackson

Susan Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 in the first week of April.

The diagnosis was more concerning than usual because Susan lives alone and has emphysema, a condition that compromises her lungs.

After several days trying to manage the symptoms at home, Susan realized that she needed help and called an ambulance to take her to the Guelph General Hospital. She was admitted and spent four days in the COVID ward, with IV fluids, oxygen, and antiviral medications.

Susan is no stranger to the Hospital, having been admitted in 2019 and 2020 with flare-ups of her emphysema. So, she knows what she’s talking about when she says that the staff are supportive, patient, efficient, and reassuring. She says that she feels very safe when she is in their care. “They fixed me up! Even while having to observe the strict COVID protocols, they keep going with a smile. Everyone is helpful—the doctors, nurses, technologists, food services people and cleaning staff— everyone!”  

When Susan’s fever was gone and she needed less oxygen, she was released to recuperate at home. She attributes her surprisingly swift recovery partially to the fact that she had her first COVID vaccination two weeks before she became ill, and equally to the excellent care she received while in GGH.

Susan’s daughter, Leah, who grew up in Guelph along with her two brothers, Chris and Hugh, recently made a donation—a Gift of Gratitude — to the Hospital to express her family’s thanks for the care their mom received. “It was the best possible outcome. We are really lucky to have this first-class hospital in our community.”

Suzanne Bone, CEO of the Hospital’s Foundation, responded, “We are so thankful to Leah and her family for this gift. They join a generous community of donors who help ensure that GGH has necessary equipment like IV pumps, patient beds and oxygen machines to offer the best care for our patients.”