First Step: Setting Up a Temporary Special Care Nursery

Work is steadily underway to transfer our Special Care Nursery to a temporary location while we completely transform and expand its original space. The completed nursery will be amazing! Still, a bit of disruption has to happen ahead of that, though we know it will all be worth it.

Before construction can begin, the Hospital is taking steps to ensure that there is no disruption to the specialized care provided by the Special Care Nursery.

It took a great deal of work to transfer the Special Care Nursery to a temporary location in the Paediatric Day Surgery area.

Many electrical, IT and security items needed work for the completion of the temporary construction in the Paediatric Day Surgery area to accommodate the needs of the Special Care Nursery.

Temporary construction hoarding was installed to separate the messy construction from the rest of the patient care space. These are critical measures GGH must ensure are in place in order to keep patients and staff safe during construction.

Below is a gallery of “before” pictures. Watch as we get closer to the “after” images of this exciting new space.