Together, our community cared for Angie Hunt

Angie Hunt has been a very active parishioner at her church since 2004 — a strong supporter and member of its Stewardship and Fundraising Committees. Pre-pandemic, when a lot of construction work was being completed at the church, Angie was on-site visiting the office in a construction trailer.  She was looking forward to a pilgrimage to the Shrines of Quebec that she had been involved in planning.  After a slip and fall accident as she was leaving her meeting, she sustained a significant injury.

At first, Angie thought that she’d just twisted her leg but, as her knee swelled to the size of a cantaloupe and the pain intensified, she realized that it was more serious and headed for Guelph General Hospital the next morning. A CT scan and x-rays revealed that she’d sheared off the top of her tibia and torn the PCL (posterior cruciate ligament). Surgery was required and plans for the pilgrimage went out the window.

According to Angie, everyone she encountered was great.  The doctor and medical staff in the Linamar Emergency Department, her surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, and orderlies all received her thanks. “I felt very confident in their care, everything was tripled checked. Everyone was polite, friendly and timely.”  But it was in her return to the Hospital to have her eighteen staples removed when Angie was most impressed.

“They even went above and beyond the call of duty,” says Angie in reference to when a housekeeping staff approached her and asked if she needed help, then proceeded to find a wheelchair for her.

Angie further expressed, “I was apprehensive when I learned I had to have surgery, but I shouldn’t have been. Everyone was wonderful!”  Today, she is doing well and being helped by physiotherapy.

Angie is very grateful to Guelph General Hospital and its staff team.  And she is just as thankful to all the community donors who understand how important it is for GGH to have good quality patient care equipment — CT scanners, x-ray machines, wheelchairs, patient beds and surgical equipment— that make it possible to recover quickly from a serious accident.