A mother shares her experience at Guelph General Hospital

At Guelph General Hospital, caregivers are committed to providing the highest quality care and experience to patients and their families – and their pet stuffies too!

We’re so grateful to have received this feedback from a community member whose son had a bad fall.

It means so much to our Hospital’s caregivers to receive letters and emails like these.

At the Foundation, we feel it’s also important for our caring donors to hear too, because your generous support allows our caregivers to do their best work by giving them the tools they need.

For Henry and Sandy Dog, you provided the x-ray machine that helped diagnose his break, the surgical equipment needed by his surgeon to mend it, and a comfortable bed to recover in.

The compassionate care of our caregivers when combined with your caring generosity, makes the best outcome and experience possible. Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know my family benefited from your work yesterday.

My 5 year old had a bad fall off the playground near our house – we had to make a trip to the ED, one we’ve never had to use in our 6 years living in Guelph.

Every single interaction…from our greeting with security upon entry, to the nurses, doctors, and x-ray technologists was incredible! From start to finish, over 10 hours of care was provided.

My son had to be admitted to the OR, as he had a double break ulna/radius. Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Cameron handled our case with grace and kindness.

Under the pressure and tiredness of COVID-19 over the last months, I as a citizen was extremely grateful for the care provided to us by GGH and our health care system in Guelph.

Please know the work you are doing is most appreciated.

Thank you,

Jessica, Henry and Sandy Dog