Largest Fundraising Campaign in support of Guelph General Hospital Recruits a Stellar Volunteer Leadership Team

When the time came to raise the most money ever to make important patient-care projects possible at Guelph General Hospital, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital knew nothing short of recruiting a stellar volunteer leadership team would be needed for success. Now, it is thrilled to announce it has done just that.

Leading the largest capital campaign in GGH history are Linda Hasenfratz, Chief Executive Officer of Linamar Corporation, Susan Frasson, President of Wood Development Group, and Rob Wesseling, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Co-operators. Each will take a lead role during a different phase of the campaign.

“We are thrilled to have recruited such a powerhouse team,” says Foundation board chair Paul Osborne. “Our three co-chairs, along with the other members of our Campaign Cabinet, our board and our talented staff, are committed to making these hospital projects possible for our community. Given the generosity of the community we serve, we know we will be successful.”

The campaign, named Together, We Care, is focusing on three areas of the hospital with crucial needs. First, it will expand the Emergency Department and include much-needed, dedicated spaces for mental health and addictions care. Second, it will update aging equipment and purchase innovative technologies to provide quicker, better and safer diagnosis and treatment, improved outcomes and patient comfort. Finally, it will re-imagine and renovate the Special Care Nursery to support the tiniest patients and their families.

The co-chairs are up for the challenge and excited to be involved, says Rob Wesseling. “I believe physical and mental health are cornerstones on which we build a vibrant community and society. I am excited to co-chair this campaign as together, we can ensure our community has the facilities and equipment necessary to meet our health care needs and those of our families, friends and neighbours.”

His thoughts were echoed by co-chair Susan Frasson. “I happily accepted the co-chair role because there is nothing more important than health care. Providing support to Guelph General Hospital will save lives, and improve life. Together, we must care for our hospital so that our hospital can care for us.”

All co-chairs recognized the fundamental role health care has in a healthy community. “I am a big believer that a community lives, works and prospers together,” says Linda Hasenfratz “Many people believe that in Canada our health care is fully funded by our government when in fact the reality is 100% of patient care equipment must be privately funded. If we want top quality modern health care and equipment we need to play a role in providing it.”

The hospital faces pressure on a number of fronts. Caring for the needs of one of the country’s fastest growing communities is one of the most significant “Guelph’s fast-paced growth means clearly, we all need to be thinking about what more the hospital needs to expand to meet the needs of this growing community. After all, a strong community makes our hospital greater, and a great hospital makes our community stronger,” explains Hasenfratz. “That is why I chose to take on the role of co-Chair of this campaign – to support a strong performer
in a growing community where the very best health care is a shared commitment for which we all must take responsibility.”

The campaign will continue to roll out over the next few months.