Donors fund close to $4.3 million for new patient care equipment and technology at Guelph General Hospital.

A cheque from The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital in the amount of $4,273,735.02 was hand delivered to the Hospital’s Finance Department.

“This is the largest transfer we have ever made to the Hospital, and it’s only the middle of our fiscal year,” remarked Suzanne Bone, CEO of The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital. “Last spring we were able to transfer $3.534 million, and that was for the entire 2020/21 fiscal year.”

The funds allowed Guelph General Hospital to make significant investments in new patient care equipment and technology that advance the level of safety, care and comfort for patients at the Hospital.

$3.3 million supports the Hospital’s most significant medication safety project. It involves transforming the current pen-and-paper process for prescribing, dispensing and charting into an electronic process that incorporates modern medication safety practices, dispensing equipment, and software.

Some funds are being used to replace and upgrade equipment used in the vascular surgical suite. The equipment is highly specialized and includes an x-ray machine that uses lower doses of radiation than its predecessor. This is safer for patients and their surgical team. The machine is paired with a sophisticated, high-resolution viewing screen which enables surgeons to see tiny details of complex vascular anatomy more easily. Guelph General Hospital is the regional centre for vascular surgery, so this new equipment will have an impact on many patients within our community and beyond.

The balance of the transfer funded a variety of other items essential to delivering the highest quality and safest patient care, including patient lifts, bladder scanners, portable ultrasound machines, ECG machines and more.
This colossal funds transfer was made possible by the generosity of thousands of individuals and business who have supported the Hospital’s $34 million Together, We Care fundraising campaign.

The transfer brings the total campaign investment in new patient care equipment and technology so far to over $14 million.

Together, We Care is the Hospital’s most urgent community fundraising project ever. In addition to funding patient care equipment and technology, funds raised will also be used to expand Guelph General’s strained Emergency Department and create new space to support better mental health and addictions care, and to expand and modernize the Special Care Nursery.

“Donors are truly part of the Hospital team, helping save lives and improve health,” stated Bone.